'A Pleasant Scroll'

'A Pleasant Scroll'

Jesse Loughnan

What's on my mind? Skip that. Now, that's a nice view wonder where they are. Mountain backdrop. Smiling close up profile pic no wonder she made it, all of herself in the frame a good summary of what she is. Why shared that video? Is he in the team? Good sportsman with sportsman's humor; born for it. Lost phone reward and a recycled joke about being on it yes we all know, seems like these quips have been seen a hundred times before, ready-made answer for any situation, going round and round only have to be the first in your crowd. Chubbs again, he's loving being visible now used to be the opposite hid away from unworthy eyes and the same mates on every post why they use repeated emoji's instead of words and how different emoji's fall though fashion, like that alien face or the underscored one-hundred, jeez the extent of trend setting and then you follow. A nonamed nobody did nothing important but you won't believe why. Top ten tips to trap your toyboy, melt his muscles for the soft gooey inner and feast, his quiet eyes on you, only you. White sheets. The power couple what're they wearing?? Yes I saw that a few weeks ago on Elizabeth Street, look how it billows over the ankles so delicately in simple effortless style, a newfound solution to the age old problem; must be a thing. Deck yourself head to toe this one's here to stay. These two icons though, small time celebrities, fashionista figureheads now and again at loggerheads, both of strong character in their own right but they work well together because each gets from the other what they want for themselves. Call that an agreement. 'Hello!' And a wave in reply! Ahaaha bear waves so humanlike. Mmmm nice. Hot sexy little. Oh oh who's the friend? Ah, RMIT, Wesley, Chapel Street. Friends with Lucy Shaw and drinks with that group of good-lookers, similar style now I see, similar interests. Look, she kicks on. Hurrah. I've got you pigeonholed, seen the inside of your house and I know what makes you tick, remember you for next time, cute little beauty. These two always recalling private jokes where everyone can see them, just without the sense, crack the code. Must know our reaction. Done because they don't care or to seem that way? Boymen in blue suits standing aclasped on green grass all smiles and perfections, sure that girls like it, a dapperman but then again what of the other crowd they'd laugh scorn at the idea and you don't see both crowds together, Harry's and Oscar's don't mix, wonder who would eventually cave in to the other. I've got an idea.


In blurry washes of bluewhites a stark red box pops into view, cleaving the page; a present!! Blip blip, getget, something for Me! 'Don't forget Backstreet Rhythms 21:00 tonight'. Never heard of it. How could I forget. Mmm. Aha. Ah. Haaaa. You don't look like that. Pants? Seen them before, four scrolls up. What's this?? They were together at that festival dressed the part and for sure he's the real deal, but she? Perhaps I was wrong in my estimates if she's with he, remember the night in the city when Alice had one too many that we went back to Jimmy's and he was there with some other formidable crew but he especially showed us his teeth and discourse of impenetrable confidence as we sat around the table, watching on in stupefied silence. Funny that I always remember the furniture of those afternights, normally seems so strange. Doubted at first but what allure. This is yesterday's news now. Rotten. Refresh.

Should read what he wrote, later. I can feel my eyes are frozen to the screen, I should get off. Oh it’s you, how could I, lapse of memory but you’re back now, nice girl, if I remember. Didn't quite recognise you for that moment but I guess we’ve got a history and always will have it, even if you’re not quite how I’d understood. Leave all love and hopes behind, out of sight is out of mind. Divergence. Got her own concerns. Mmm. Mnn. Ugh. Oh look at you show the world your firm body, something special if only one day I could, make me turn inside you do. Oggle oggle, my mind you boggle. Just the right amount of flesh there. With stern punishing eyes. Under an enthralling gaze fuzzbubbly warmth from within rushing deeper in and up feels like a slow stretch. Turn my vision to soft lusty reds. Velvet. Perchance a dark meeting on a dark night where under the lonely moon we'll howl and swoon and oooooo... Kahh, tear away. Seen this before. Oof need to stop now. Five more. 5... pff why people go there... 4... bloody links in the feed non-stop like portals to another world... 3... Umesh is eating soup... 2… now that's an old photo I remember her like that. Changed, most say better but there was something then that isn't there now. Innocent, uncertain. I preferred her. Should stop. Yes, that was her, back then. Yes, we were, way back then. Done. Can’t. Refresh.

Blurry scan downwards, seen it already. Dull drone. Beach dressup penguin hypeball. No stop now. Laughinnnn. Schoollelele. Stop inn(stop!)nngackinnnnow. Stop. Quit. Lock.


Is that the time? Could've made it there before it closed but too late now by the time I dress, sun's already going down. Grey days spent colourless. What have I done today? How to make up for lost time and not waste what's left? I need to get out. Call someone. They're all out with another, on streets on top of mountains in the cold fresh air in faraway places and I'm here doing this shit. I'm where? Bed. Book. Dirty. Ah. 

Room. Wednesday. Rain. 

Stand. Blink. Reboot.

The Collective