Spotlight: Matt Corby - 'Monday'

Spotlight: Matt Corby - 'Monday'

Triple j's favourite indie heartthrob, Matt Corby, is back after two years with new tune 'Monday'.

It seems as though Corby spent his time away touring the church choirs of the Deep South, as the track features gorgeous gospel choral arrangements accompanying Corby's well-renowned soul-burning vocals. 

Fun fact: the song is comprised entirely of vocal loops; there are no instruments used.

'Monday' demonstrates an inspired musical progression for Corby, who appears focused on expanding his sound.  We came away pleasantly surprised with his new track and we think you will too. 

Tour Dates:

2nd November - The Tivoli, Brisbane

4th November - HQ, Adelaide

6th November - Metropolis, Fremantle

9th November - Forum Theatre, Melbourne

10th November - Forum Theatre, Melbourne

16th November - Metro Theatre, Sydney

17th November - Metro Theatre, Sydney

Tickets on sale now.

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