Spotlight: Nakatomi - 'The Knife'

Spotlight: Nakatomi - 'The Knife'

Adelaide synth-pop duo Nakatomi have dropped a retro video for their single 'The Knife'. 

We're digging the 80s vibes as well as the character acting that portrays some strange, neo-noir sci-fi story. With the apparent influence of 80s cult classics like Blade Runner and Die Hard (a gold star if you can figure out the reference), Nakatomi push an homage to retro culture similar to Melbourne duo Client Liaison.

As we travel through grimy alleyways into sleazy nightclubs, the video uses sinister and darkly colourful cinematography to create an air of suspense. Check it out below.

Upcoming Shows:

20 November - POW! at Mynt Lounge, Werribee

22 November - Toff in Town, Melbourne

26 November - Oxford Art Gallery Bar, Sydney

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