Spotlight: North Elements, Nico Ghost & Lastlings - 'Awake'

Spotlight: North Elements, Nico Ghost & Lastlings - 'Awake'

‘Awake’ is a recent offering from young Melbourne producer North Elements, a dreamy, fluid concoction of synthesisers and subtle electronic percussion. The song features two guests: Amy Dowdle, one member of Gold Coast pop duo Lastlings, and local emcee Nico Ghost. 

As far as chemistry goes, all three contributors mesh well. The first kick-thud ushers in Amy Dowdle’s opening chant, a delicate couplet under which the instrumental begins to build before winding into a smooth verse from Nico.

It’s by no means a lyrical exhibition, but on a song like this it doesn't need to be. The up-and-comer’s mic control is strong and his input is impassioned and stylish. The same is true of Amy Dowdle, whose delivery confidently straddles a line between cool distance and passion. Her chant resumes after Nico ties his verse up, wafting over the last forty seconds of the track.

It’s no coincidence that this number has seen a release at the outset of summer, as it’s a festival anthem if ever there was one. On that note, all three artists are slated to perform at Beyond The Valley over New Year’s Eve, and ‘Awake’ is sure to turn heads when it rings throughout the amphitheatre.

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