'Paradox' is a collaborative series from emerging Sydney visual artists Jamie Preisz and David Kurzydlo. Preisz, a street artist, and Kurzydlo, a medical illustrator, have combined to create a series that explores the idea of logical paradox: duality and the fallacy of correlation and causality.

A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet may be true and wrong at the same time. Some logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking, which is the exact notion that Preisz and Kurzydlo are addressing.

Preisz and Kurzydlo use black and white materials, yet create a greyscale within the work. The pieces are crafted on a flat surface, yet the subject exists in a three-dimensional space. The pieces are a visual representation of the physical action of an individual, yet the outcome is a shared experience with the audience.

Preisz and Kurzydlo share mutual elements both aesthetically and thematically, yet arrive through different channels. The work represents duality between two artists, highlighting common ground and reminding the audience of the fallacy of correlation and causality.

'Paradox' will be exhibited for free on Saturday December 12, 6:30 to 9pm

The Weave, Ground Floor, 244 Victoria Road, Marrickville, Sydney

Jamie Preisz



David Kurzydlo


The Collective