'Chasing The Light'

Torika Taylor

Chasing The Light is an artistic approach to the mentality of people and how drastically our emotions and moods can alter us. Depending on what we feel, we behave in a certain way and respond to things differently depending on how we are feeling.

It is my belief that we are not just one person, but lots of different versions of ourselves, and depending on how we are feeling at that moment, we will portray a specific side of ourselves as we react to a specific occasion.

The different backgrounds (the hair and elements of the eyes) are visual representations of the woman’s mood. The viewers can interpret the different moods of the woman depending on the various colours and strokes in the background. I wanted the backgrounds to be ambiguous, as an onlooker can never truly know how someone is feeling unless they read the person’s actions and way of speaking at the time.

As someone looking at the artwork, you can only interpret what you know about emotion and make an educated guess using your own experience on what emotion is being represented.

Torika Taylor, or Trix to those who know her, dabbles in all forms of mixed media. However, you will find her work predominantly in the 'Film' and 'Artwork' sections. She secretly wishes she were a spy, however, chose to settle for the next best thing, Film studies. Her inspiration comes from Tarantino and her cultural surroundings growing up in Fiji and Melbourne. Don’t ask her what the subliminal messages behind her work are, as she probably knows just as much as you do.