'Western Australia'

'Western Australia'

Holly Terry

Western Australia is a series of fluid artworks which explore the contrasting fluidity and solidarity of the earth's landscape.

Western Australia is a representation of the contrasting Australian environment of sea and land. These works embody a stark contrast of line exploration with a free flowing colour movement, highly reflective of the ever-changing Australian landscape.

This inspiration has provided me with a vast variety of representations to create, as landscape varies greatly depending on location. It is an amazing thought that with a movement of as little as ten kilometres the Australian landscape can move from heavy rock and plantation to incredible, flowing, turquoise coastline.

While aerial landscape forms the basis of my work's ideas, I have manipulated my colour palettes to inspire a more personal reflection and interpretation of my pieces. Straying from what is expected often inspires individual thought and promotes personal artistic reflection.

Holly Terry is a young lass from the 'burbs who enjoys painting and eating. You'll find her painting anything with an inch of available space, including her pet dog. When she is not cooped up at her job and favourite hobby, Davey Jones, she spends her days studying International Relations. She hopes to take on the world in future years and rewrite the entire series of Star Wars.