'Lines & Contours'

Jean-René Vauzelle

For me, as a photographer, Lines & Contours isn't about a theme as such; it's more about what our eyes find visually stimulating.

There seems to be something about a straight line that creates depth and form and makes my eye want to explore an image. Lines grab me and more often than not can guide me through an image. It's more on a subconscious level, but I think the way direct lines can drag the viewer through an image can completely alter the emotions, feelings or thoughts evoked.

Eddie Goldsmith

As a theme, I think it's a lot of fun to explore. Lines and contours are obviously found everywhere, but the real fun in it is finding patterns or symmetry. Every day, people are trying to chase symmetry and perfection in so many facets of life; I think that's why they enjoy finding these qualities in images.

There's more to it than that, though. Lines don't always have to be perfect to be visually stimulating, and they don't have to follow any kind of pattern. Often, we manage to form our own patterns with what appear to be random lines overlapping and intersecting, comparing them to previous images we've seen or allowing our imagination to run with what else it could be.

Jean-René Vauzelle studied commercial photography at RMIT, which threw his passion for taking pictures right on its head. Ever since, he's been trying to figure out where he wants to go and that mostly ends up with him on top of a snow-capped mountain.