Jean-René 'Junior' Vauzelle

Adolescence is a series of images from the early days of my interest in photography. It was a series that took several years to compile and complete and was mostly taken during my years at high school. The images I wanted to create needed people to be comfortable around me and mostly importantly my camera. It took roughly 12 months before the group of friends I hung out with began to quit pulling faces and posing every time I brought the camera up to take a photo, which started to bring out the natural and photojournalistic images I wanted.

The photographs have such a natural organic feel to them, which is really what I wanted to go for, and this was only achieved by continuously shooting whatever was going on around me. It was all captured on film, mostly black and white, which really adds to the genuine atmosphere across the collection. This links into the entire theme of adolescence and youth. 

The inspiration for this came from my time studying many of the great photographers from America who captured the day-to-day lives of average punters across the country, as well as portrait photographers of the same era. Richard Avedon captured people’s faces in such a true and beautiful way, and the raw style in which his portraits presented each person was something I used as a foundation for the images I was trying to capture. 

The entire collection is far deeper but this is a brief collection of my favourite images from the series.

Jean-René Vauzelle studied commercial photography at RMIT, which threw his passion for taking pictures right on its head. Ever since, he's been trying to figure out where he wants to go and that mostly ends up with him on top of a snow-capped mountain.