Torika Taylor

Détruire, meaning to destroy in French, is a series about the ability humans have to destruct themselves and their surroundings. Humans have such equal and opposing forces of nurture and destruction; we are an overindulgent species that destroys ourselves and our environment with violence, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and unsustainable industry and all of this is caused by the emotion we as humans feel.

However, despite our ability for destruction, we also have the ability to love and be loved. The way we treat ourselves and others is a reflection of the emotion we feel and we can often forget how much our actions are influenced by our emotions.

With the three subjects that I have represented, you see different forms of destruction. 

The first image is called 'Hooked'.

The second is called 'Naked and smoking in the clouds'.

The third is called 'Boys will be boys'.

I have chosen to leave out my explanations of the three different forms of destruction as I enjoy my work having ambiguity so that viewers can create their own meaning from it.

As far as content, I never intended the works to be 'brutal'; I think I just always subconsciously feel that I need something that catches viewers' attentions. I think I find my work boring if there is no eye-catching element to it that reels people in.

Torika Taylor, or Trix to those who know her, dabbles in all forms of mixed media. However, you will find her work predominantly in the 'Film' and 'Artwork' sections. She secretly wishes she were a spy, however, chose to settle for the next best thing, Film studies. Her inspiration comes from Tarantino and her cultural surroundings growing up in Fiji and Melbourne. Don’t ask her what the subliminal messages behind her work are, as she probably knows just as much as you do.