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Eddie Goldsmith

The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

Over the weekend Australian tennis prodigy Nick Kyrgios became the centre of attention he so affectionately loves at the Wimbledon Tennis Open, but for all the wrong reasons. After disputes with umpires for an incorrect clothing item – a headband you can actually buy from official Wimbledon stores, metres away from the courts – and accusations of throwing away a game in protest, young Kyrgios claimed it took a lot of testicular fortitude to do what he did on the court.

Ugh. Just when I thought you were going to be at least a bit less of a dickhead than Bernard Tomic. The upside is Kyrgios is only 19 (what the fuck am I doing with my life) and we can’t pretend that Hewitt didn’t seem like a bit of a twat the first time we all heard 'COME ON!!!' with his patented hand gesture towards his face. I commend anyone who can come into that amount of fame and money so rapidly at such a young age and not be a bit of a twat, at least a few times, before they figure it all out.

The story doesn’t end there though! Australian 'hero' and Olympic medallist Dawn Fraser attempted to impart some wisdom on Australia’s young tennis hopefuls, Tomic and Kyrgios, by telling them to pull their heads in, but unfortunately she didn’t stop there.

Fraser, showing her former advocacy for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, suggested that if the young stars didn’t like the negative attention then they should get back on the boat that their fathers came from.

Thankfully the immediate response from most Australians on social media and the media itself condemned Dawn Fraser’s outdated comments, a refreshing take on Australia’s supposed number one threat to sovereignty to 'STOP THE BOATS!!!'

Domestic Violence

Beloved Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh was tragically killed by multiple stab wounds from his son last week. After a full week of coverage from all angles I don’t think you need the details from me, and what Phil Walsh’s son did to Phil and his wife is truly deplorable and heartbreaking whether you are a fan of football or not. What I would like to go into detail about is a discussion that as a nation we always begin to have but never appear to fully commit to.

By May this year 34 women had died from a domestic violence related incident. That’s more than two a week. Last year 81 women were killed due to domestic violence incidents. That’s absolutely absurd. I know it completely makes sense: Phil Walsh is a public figure, and Australia is in love with football, so of course it's going to get a lot of coverage but Australia also loves its women, or at least it should. It shouldn’t have to take the tragic death of a man in a male-dominated sport for us to get some more serious discussion on a contentious topic that predominately affects women and subsequently their loved ones. You’d think that 34 women killed in the first four months of the year would be something you should've heard of. Yeah, me too.

Greek Debt Crisis

This week the people of Greece took to the polls and loudly voted 'No!' in a referendum that would agree to tougher conditions upon the country to pay back their loans to international creditors. They essentially just voted to default on their loans. What does this mean? Well, to be quite honest I’m actually waiting for John Oliver to knock this issue out of the park as per usual, but here is my very, very basic understanding of the situation:

  • Greece took loans in the hopes of speeding up their economy prior to the GFC.
  • Greece took loans during/after the GFC to speed up their economy to pay back previous loans.
  • Greece’s economy doesn’t speed up fast enough.
  • Greece doesn’t pay back the loans on time.
  • Young people don’t want to be paying debts for the old that caused them. Old people don’t want to give money to 'corrupt' governments.
  • Vote 'no' to change the system.


  • Greece leaves the Eurozone; gets its own extremely cheap currency.
  • Greece is now an even more excellent holiday destination, boosting tourism and, ironically, the economy.

Beyond that? How the fuck do I know? I don’t do economics. Anyway, here’s a good summary on this section of the post by Freedo & Pid’Jin until John Oliver can explain it for me and you.

Doctors With Borders

Say you happen to actually make it ashore to this affluent nation and are unlucky enough to be put into one of our world-renowned detention centres (as if your life wasn’t shitty enough that you took a fucking tinny-boat to get here), then don’t worry, it gets worse! The federal government just made it a lot harder for anyone to speak out on the deplorable conditions you have to live in for the foreseeable future.

The federal government just passed the Border Force Act with bipartisan support, which, among the many morally-ambiguous things our immigration policy already does, creates a wall of secrecy so that whatever happens inside a detention centre stays there, removing it from public scrutiny. In an open letter, 40 former and current workers from Australian onshore and offshore detention centres wrote this:

'If we witness child abuse in Australia we are legally obliged to report it to child protection authorities. If we witness child abuse in detention centres, we can go to prison for attempting to advocate for them effectively. Internal reporting mechanisms such as they are have failed to remove children from detention; a situation that is itself recognised as a form of systematic child abuse.'

Every time I try and write something in response to that, this red wall of anger towards our federal government blinds my vision.

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