'Caught Normal'

Camilla Eustance

This series revolves around the idea of social norms, particularly those pertinent to 'hip' Australian young adults of a certain demographic. Much of the material reality of this 'hipness' is now normal in this demographic, for example iMacs, Nikes and Facebook mania.

I thought of combining such material ideas in surrealist-inspired compositions to highlight how absurd they seem put together and therefore their ultimately arbitrary nature as common or desirable objects. Popular culture now is also in part overwhelmed by technology, which also pervades into seemingly every hour of our existence.

We are constantly checking our phone, constantly scrolling through news feeds or simply plugged into our individual devices. They intercept momentary joys such as a pint of beer, a coffee, or a drag on a cigarette.

Camilla is a Melbourne-based artist and writer.



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