Melbourne artist Laural Retz is releasing her debut solo exhibition called 'Fempire' this October at the South Yarra Art House.  

'Fempire' is an exhibition of cutting edge modern day femme fatale paintings by Melbourne artist Laural Retz which aims to challenge and excite the senses. 'Fempire' is about showing us all what it is to be a woman from displays of pure strength to delicate intimacy. 

Homegrown artist Retz dazzles with this daring series, which has been inspired by her own experiences, and aims to revitalise discourse about the ever-evolving idea of the femme fatale.

Retz’s earlier work is already well-known, sought after and hung by both international and Australian art collectors.  Nevertheless, her 'Fempire' collection is invigorated to demonstrate to the world the power women collectively possess as well as the exclusive uniqueness that each individual woman provides. Incredibly detailed and inspiringly different, these works are everything that encompasses life imitating art with her unquestionable contemporary surreal style.

Currently, Retz lives on an island in the Philippines where she has enjoyed complete freedom from modern day obligations with full focus on creating these paintings over the past 12 months. Watch the skies as she flies home for the opening night.  Her expertise and versatility can only be coupled with such titles as:

Birds of a Feather - The Chupa Chup sucking diva riding a pink flamingo;

Prettier in Pink - A balloon dressed Gabi Grecko inspired beauty roller-skating past Luna Park;

Audrey - A rockabilly woman driving an old Holden down Victoria Street, Richmond (which takes a look at iconic and nostalgic Melbourne); 

Cherry Bomb - A pink haired exotic beauty covered in Japanese Yakuza styled tattoos

'Fempire' Solo Exhibition @ South Yarra Art House Melbourne

Opening Night: 6-8pm Friday 14th October

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