Spotlight: Camp Cope - 'Keep Growing'

Spotlight: Camp Cope - 'Keep Growing'

Following their blistering self-titled debut album, Melbourne's very own Camp Cope have released 'Keep Growing', the trio's first single since the album. With 'Keep Growing', Camp Cope keep to their tried-and-true songwriting formula. With crunchy power chords, melodic bass lines and lead singer Georgia Maq's howling voice, Camp Cope have very quickly achieved what other bands take years to do.

That is, you instantly know a Camp Cope song from the moment you hear it. 

A key aspect of Camp Cope's appeal is the witty, sincere and candidly charming lyricism of Georgia Maq. Throughout 'Keep Growing', Maq sings about personal despondency, broken relationships andimage statements in 4 quick minutes. Indeed, the title 'Keep Growing' is double meaning, as Maq sings about growing her hair out as partly a symbol of her growing as a person. 

Catch Camp Cope while you can. We can't wait to see them at the Sup for Golden Plains. 

Camp Cope Tour Dates

Tuesday 6 December - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (with Julien Baker)
Saturday 17 December - Northcote Social Club w/Harmony and Two Steps on the Water (Sold Out)
Friday 30 December - NYE on the Hill
Wednesday 4 January - Metro Theatre, Sydney (with Modern Baseball)
Friday 6 January - 170 Russell, Melbourne (with Modern Baseball)
Thursday 26 January - Laneway Festival, Brisbane
Saturday 28 January - Laneway Festival, Melbourne
Friday 3 February - Laneway Festival, Adelaide
Saturday 4 February - Laneway Festival, Sydney
Sunday 5 February - Laneway Festival, Fremantle
Saturday 11 March - Golden Plains

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