My Favourite Record Stores

My Favourite Record Stores

Alex L'Estrange

It’s nice to watch your music spin, or read the liner notes without sifting through And if you think your vinyl sounds better, like really open and natural, you might be right, because your record’s probably not a sufferer of the ‘loudness war’.

If you’ve scored an evening alone with a bottle of red, mp3’s might not cut it. That’s why we still need record stores. Here are some of my favourite hidden ones.


Record Exchange - 1/65 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD

Give yourself at least an hour in this place, because what you’re looking for is almost definitely there, even if it’s wedged under a floorboard that’s buried under six piles of old Rolling Stone mags and every season of the X-Files on VHS.

Apparently this is the largest record store by collection in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, the guy who runs it is lovely and a real character.

Jet Black Cat - 72A Vulture St, Brisbane, QLD

Shannon Logan is a total legend with some very legendary vinyl for sale. If I ever want new releases, this is where I go. It’s also a perfect place to get limited run Australian stuff that none of the bigger stores can manage to source.

This place also hosts some great in-store sessions.  


Just Funkin Music - 124 River St, Ballina, NSW

They have an incredible range of jazz and blues. They also make a good coffee!

When I was about 15 years old I nervously handed my band’s EP to the owner. He agreed to sell it, and when I came back a couple of weeks later he told me that he’d listened to it and really enjoyed it. I felt like I’d made it that day.


Music Bizarre - 60 Magellan St, Lismore NSW

This place is an institution on the North Coast. Their logo is of a cute little dog with huge ears, it’s psychedelic af. The dog definitely drew me in, but their eclectic collection of records and weird misc. music stuff brings me back.

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