Spotlight: DIET. - 'The Rip'

Spotlight: DIET. - 'The Rip'

Snagging a premiere on Broadsheet, Melbourne rockers DIET. recently dropped the second single from their upcoming EP.

Glued together by energetic bass and drum work of a similar nature to their previous release, 'Your House', 'The Rip' sees DIET. embark on the next chapter of their sun-drenched odyssey.

The synergy between these first two offerings suggests a well-established direction; if 'Your House' and 'The Rip' are evidence of what's to come on the group's forthcoming extended play, it's going to be a cohesive record indeed.

DIET. will be joining a select handful of others at the inaugural Shady Cottage festival in Trentham from April 1-3. Grab tickets here.

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