Holly Terry

‘Transition’ demonstrates an evolutionary style from predominantly paint-based work, towards a growing mixed media approach to my visuals.

Transition is an imaginative representation of the supernatural earth and the unknown. This new style demonstrates a transition from a natural, elemental focus in my previous work into increasingly digital, bright, and voluminous pieces. Whilst the free flowing colour, movement and fluidity remains ever-present, ‘Transition’ demonstrates an increasingly severe manipulation of colour palettes, predominantly through the use of digital means.

I believe that such a transition between my uses of mediums has opened up seemingly endless possibilities for the style, feel, and aesthetic of my work, as the unknown is just that, unknown. The physical form and the experiences of human beings no longer limit representation of a space. Exploring what is unknown, I believe, is an opportunity for the viewer to feel, imagine, and reflect on something that is entirely unique and free from animosity.

Holly Terry is a young lass from the 'burbs who enjoys painting and eating. You'll find her painting anything with an inch of available space, including her pet dog. When she is not cooped up at her job and favourite hobby, Davey Jones, she spends her days studying International Relations. She hopes to take on the world in future years and rewrite the entire series of Star Wars.