Spotlight: Leisure Suite - 'Lay Low'

Spotlight: Leisure Suite - 'Lay Low'

Fresh off an explosive 2015 campaign, the soulful Melbourne indie electronica duo Leisure Suite have dropped their second EP, titled 'Lay Low'. The EP continues to develop on the band's lush downtempo electronic tendencies and sees vocalist Bridgette Le continue to grow as a vocalist. 

The EP is the first release that has been self-produced by the duo which mixes in a sense of thorough craftsmanship throughout the entire EP. The duo also went to Andrei Eremin, whose credentials include Chet Faker and Haitus Kaiyote, for mastering and has given the EP a warm and reverberated polish.  

Leisure Suite will be playing an album launch on March 4 at The Curtain in support of a special vinyl release and we highly recommend their expanded live show. We caught the duo at Paradise Music Festival last year and can't wait to see them play at the upcoming Shady Cottage

Upcoming Shows

March 4 - The Curtain - Melbourne, VIC

April 1-3 - Shady Cottage - East Trentham, VIC

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