George Downing

'Hosting' is the latest photography series by George Downing. The series explores the commonality of online dating and how these services are facilitating the development of millennial relationships. 

For 'Hosting', George used the dating app Tinder to match with people and asked if they would be interested in modelling for his series. With this collection, George highlights the juxtaposition of emotional intimacy and distance that can be correlated with dating apps. 

As he captures the inner vulnerabilities of his models in the privacy of their own bedroom, the brevity of the relationship of the model to the photographer contextualises the underpinning themes relating to the formation of digital relationships.

Nevertheless, one of the models is George's former partner of 2 years. George uses his inclusion in the series to show how these apps can serve to deliver far more than spontaneous and short-lived hook ups and deliver any kind of relationship that one is seeking. With this, 'Hosting' delves into how these digital forms of connection can translate into loving and enduring relationships. 

George has released 'Hosting' in book form.

It can be purchased here thanks to the good people at AEVOE.

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