Spotlight: Otious - 'Afterglow'

The fine gents from Melbourne four-piece Otious have ushered in a new year of music with their first offering in 2016, 'Afterglow'.

Featuring a similar dynamic range to much of their previous work, especially 'All I Know', which saw significant attention on SoundCloud and caught coverage from a handful of respected music blogs, 'Afterglow' opens with naught but a rolling synth and vocals from lead singer Jordan Walker.

As usual, Otious do a great job of creating tension as the track builds to a soaring crescendo. The elements in 'Afterglow' are introduced in a considered manner, and the band's signature moments of intensity are wedged between quieter, more reductive sections. This emphasis on contrast does a lot to increase the impact of the times at which 'Afterglow' morphs into a lattice of percussion, guitar, synth, arcing samples and layered vocals.

Otious are playing alongside local hooligans Brunga's Band in the band room at Animal House on April 28th, and they're launching 'Afterglow' in late May at Revolver.

Keep an eye peeled, as 2016 looks like it will be a large year for these guys.

The Collective