Game of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 5: 'The Door'

Eddie Goldsmith

Well, that was emotional.

I’ve tried writing what happened in the rest of the episode first but it just doesn’t feel right. I think that was the most surprising, painful and emotionally draining character I’ve had to see go.

Like goddamn did we just find out that Hodor’s entire existence was to hold the door for Bran so he could get away?

How the fuck does this time travel all work now?

It’s too early in the week for me to be distraught, confused and on the verge of an existential crisis.

So like always, I turned to the internet to help me understand, or confuse me even more. I came across this reddit thread posted by user /u/jdylopa which cleared some things up for me regarding how the show was using time travel and how it is being used within this context. I recommend reading it to help get an understanding so I’ll leave the link here.  /u/jdylopa explains that “Bran was always destined to go back and warg into Wylis/Walder, turning him into Hodor. By doing this, it enables Hodor to continue to fulfil his destiny by making him a simpleton who has to help Bran when Bran gets paralyzed.”

By the way that also means that Wylis was experiencing his death as Hodor which is probably what turned him into a simpleton. It’s just such an unexpectedly tragic ending.

Ugh it hurts.

To be honest I really hope they can clear this up for the rest of us simpletons to avoid annoying arguments in the future like why he can’t change the past or if any of the characters have free will etc. From my understanding, which is very little, he can’t change anything since it has all already happened, the only thing he can do is ensure that it does happen.

Please if someone knows what’s going on and could explain it to me, please write in.


Safe to say this scene was both mentally and emotionally exhausting. Also a massive credit to both actors who played Hodor and Wylis, especially Kristian Nairn who has managed to convey so many emotions throughout the series while being limited to one word. Incredible.

Where do we go from here though? Where is Bran going to go now that he has the army of the undead chasing after him? The Wall? The Wall is considered to have pretty significant magical properties, especially when its reiterated that the Wall can ‘defend itself.’

It’s most likely that the Children of the Forest were the ones who helped build the wall after realising their royal fuck up in creating the first White Walker and helped build the wall. This would suggest the same magic that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the White Walkers is probably the same magic that was used to protect the cave. Therefore if Bran passes through the wall with the mark of Ice Darth Maul, does that mean the White Walkers can now bring down the wall? Mmm, shit would be pretty fucked then ey.

It would make sense he would have to since Bran’s Greenseeing power works through Weirwood trees and I believe the next closest one is just outside The Wall where Jon and Sam gave their Oaths to the Nights Watch. After that the next closest one is Winterfell. I can’t imagine Bran is going to stick around this side of the Wall. These are all questions I don’t think we will have answers to for a while but certainly something to keep tabs on considering it would literally be the apocalypse for everyone in the series.

There is a theory going around that Bran might be the reason for Aerys Targaryen or The Mad King going insane. I can’t stress enough how stupid that idea is. If that were the case, which let’s make it clear it’s not, but if it were that would mean there is no longer any consequence for interbreeding. There have already been a few instances of mad Targaryens in their lineage and you would only need to look at Joffery and the Lannisters as a consequence of incest.

Let’s move on.

There are a few things that lead me to believe that Arya will not be staying with the faceless men.

Aside from the fact the suspicion of her commitment to them has been prevalent during her training, the audience is just beginning to learn how people are chosen to be killed by the many faced god. Pulled from The Wiki of Ice and Fire “For a price, the guild will agree to kill anyone in the world, considering this contract to be a sacrament of their god.” That can’t really be an idea that Arya would be keen on considering her whole thing is kind of about getting vengeance on the wicked. Aside from this, Arya never threw away her sword Needle, which seems like something that they would want us to forget about only to be brought back later.

Maybe I don’t have much, but I just don’t see it happening.

As far as the rest of this weeks episode of Game of Bewbs goes we saw a penis, Jorah get relegated to the Friendzone again, Vary’s and Littlefinger were both lost for words which we’ve never seen, Euron Greyjoy, another Tormund and Brienne moment, and the Direwolf count is now down to 2. Watching them die is also just as emotional and although I have issues with how Bran’s direwolf Summer died, the shoehorning of Summer being killed by Winter is just a little… lame. Not saying he shouldn’t die at some stage, but at least take a few with you.

It should be noted that I do have a theory about Jorah and a Volcano arm but that is for another time. I’ll leave you with this; It has now been 4 episodes without any storyline in Dorne taking place, and these last 4 episodes have been nothing short of fantastic.


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