'Escapism Through Landscapes'

Torika Taylor

A common theme in my art is that of altering ones perception of reality. I have a tendency to play with my subjects in a way that makes them seem ‘alien-like’ or ‘foreign’ to what they should usually look like.

 With this series I have used “collage” to alter the numerous landscapes and merge them into a new and different surreal landscape.

Each final piece has a collection of 3-5 different landscape images morphed into one to create a composite image. 

Torika Taylor, or Trix to those who know her, dabbles in all forms of mixed media. However, you will find her work predominantly in the 'Film' and 'Artwork' sections. She secretly wishes she were a spy, however, chose to settle for the next best thing, Film studies. Her inspiration comes from Tarantino and her cultural surroundings growing up in Fiji and Melbourne. Don’t ask her what the subliminal messages behind her work are, as she probably knows just as much as you do.