Game Of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 3: 'Oathbreaker'

Eddie Goldsmith

It’s always fun to speculate what might happen in this episode just by looking at the title, and I thought maybe something might happen with Brienne given the title of her sword given to her by Jamie Lannister is Oathkeeper. I was pretty glad I was wrong because what we got instead was great.

We have at least answered one of last week's questions regarding if Jon Snow was going to stay with the Night's Watch with a terrific closing line in “Now my watch has ended”.  He isn’t technically 'oathbreaking' since he did actually die and you would kind of hope that absolves his commitment to the Night’s Watch. The huge question mark hanging over Jon’s head still remains what kind of version of Jon will he be? Delores Edd’s incessant questions were here to highlight this concern. 

Why we should be concerned though is because we do have reason to believe he should be different. The only other successful resurrection we have been made aware of is the resurrection of Beric Dondarion by Thoros of Myr and he even mentions, “Every time I come back, I'm a bit less. Pieces of you get chipped away.” Surely this has to apply to Jon as well in some way, so don’t expect it to be the same Jon Snow going forward.

Now that we know that some people can come back from the dead, are there any other candidates? We have all been lead to believe that 'The Hound' aka Sandor Clegane is dead and they even reiterated this fact during Arya’s scene in her training with the waif. I’m a firm believer that this was an allusion to setting up what the Internet likes to call, CLEGANEBOWL.

If you want some in-depth analysis on why or if Sandor Clegane is coming back then go ahead and watch the video below, but here is the shortened version. We never actually saw or read of Sandor Clegane's death. We are led to believe there are similarities with a character known as The Gravedigger in the books who currently works for the Faith. The theory goes that 'The Hound' didn’t die but was rather taken in by a Septon/Septa and is now a reformed man of the Faith. In this episode, we have been told that zombie Mountain/Gregor Clegane would be the Lannister’s champion if there was to be a combat by trial. (#GetHype) Jamie even quip’s how he would “Like to see that” (#GetHype) and then the next immediate scene is Arya training and reminds the audience that 'The Hound' is dead and no longer on Arya Stark’s list. I believe this to be intentionally misleading and thus a bigger reveal for when the Faith chooses their champion if there is a trial. #GetFuckingHype Cleganebowl confirmed.

There are other pieces of evidence like Ian McShane pretty much confirming 'The Hound' was coming back or that he is playing a Septon, so there is a lot more to this than just conjecture if you would care to look into it.

The theme for me around this episode appeared to be a lot of people not keeping their word as in the title of the episode. Sam and Gilly for protection, Ned and his story to Bran about the fight between him and Arthur Dayne, no one being able to take the Bolton’s for their word, and Arya letting go of her commitment to her list. But I think when we go back and watch this episode there will be more. Are the Umbers being truthful in their allegiance to the Bolton’s? I don’t think so. I think the Umber will act as the Manderly’s did in the books and will all be a part of the Great Northern Conspiracy, or if you can’t be bothered looking into that, ‘The North Remembers’ the red wedding pretty much sums it up. We will see but there’s a chance that wasn’t actually a Direwolf head or if it was they knew they would have to give something without actually bending the knee so they wouldn’t be breaking an oath like the Boltons did if the Umber’s end up having to kill them.

If we are led to believe that Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog is actually dead then that leaves only 3 direwolves left in Ghost (Jon’s), Nymeria (Arya’s) and Summer (Bran’s). 

The last important takeaways from this episode are all in Bran visions, one being can actually effect the past. Bloodraven/the Three Eyed Crow tells Bran “The past is written, the ink is dry” but again maybe that another big reveal later that Bran can effect the past and the current timeline. Game of Thrones is nothing if not big reveals and that would be large. The other being Ned’s honour being brought into question as we know he lied about how Arthur Dayne was killed. Stabbed in the back isn’t very honourable Ned. So what else might have he been lying about? Like maybe the most dishonourable thing you could do and fathering a bastard child while in wedlock? Are you a liar neddy? I think you are.

If we are to believe that R+L=J, and yes we do all believe that, then who else that’s alive would find out aside from Bran? His vision’s alone aren’t enough proof so it has to be someone who was there to confirm it. Is Howland Reed still alive? Is there anyone else in the tower aside from Lyanna. Last week I mentioned I thought that they were going to drag out Jon’s resurrection but maybe it is the secret of the Tower of Joy which they are dragging out. 

Well it was all-in-all another great episode and if anything we at least got a pretty great Tormund dick joke out of it which in my opinion, is never a bad thing (Har!)

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