Game Of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 6: 'Blood Of My Blood'

Eddie Goldsmith

First thought: Does anyone else get disappointed when at the beginning of the episode there is ONLY a violence warning and no nudity or sex scene? There will be no review this week. Sorry guys but like, what’s the point?

Ok. Fine. Here it is. But I’m not happy about it.

But never fear! Another week another episode without any storyline in Dorne. Fantastic. I’m happy again just thinking about it. 

I’m glad this week didn’t try and build and go bigger than last weeks episode, which would have been impossible anyway, but it felt like a regular GoT episode. Granted “regular” during this season might seem boring, but it’s not, there was still a lot going on. Let’s start with what was a fairly minor reveal of Benjen Stark/Coldhands.

Firstly, I don’t think Coldhands from the books will be Benjen, but for the show it makes much more sense to bring back an old character than to introduce a new one. It’s good to see Starks making a kind of resurgence even if most of them are kind of half dead. This wasn’t the most important reveal of the scene though, that was in Bran’s vision. 

So what did we get with Bran’s vision? The Nights King, Hardhome, Ned dying, the Red Wedding, Jamie killing the Mad King, voice overs of “Burn them all”, Jamie sitting on the throne, Drogon flying over Kings Landing, Children of the forest and finally Wildfire going off. 

As mentioned last week there are many theories going around that Bran could be trying to get someone to burn the white walkers and inadvertently sends the Areys Targeryen Mad. I still believe that this theory is awful if not only for A) no consequence for incest in GoT universe B) we’ve already all thought of it as a possibility C) wouldn’t it make more sense if it was Bloodraven who made that mistake?


Either way I still don’t like it but it is important that the Mad King was shown along with the production of Wildfire. I believe it acted more as a premonition of what’s to come. Since the flashback contained the past (NK, CotF, Mad King etc.) and present (Red Wedding, Ned, Hardhome etc.) then maybe the rest are what’s to come? 

Some have suggested that Cersei will be the one to set off the Wildfire in King’s Landing given her affliction with wanting to burn cities to the ground in the books, I personally believe Jamie is going to be the one that kills her, maybe after Tommen dies. Seems more theatrical. You know what else would be more theatrical? Daenarys being the one to burn down Kings landing. You’ll remember in season 2 Dany had a vision of King’s Landing covered in snow. Or was it ash? Since we saw Drogon in Bran’s visions over King’s Landing, wouldn’t shock me to learn that the temperamental dragon at the wrong time of the month would want to set a city on fire, exploding the wild fire caches. 

That just seems like something GoT would do, Having the daughter of the Mad King come and inadvertently finish the job and burn King’s Landing to the ground.

That’s not all that happened this episode but it was, however, the most important. 

The clash between the Faith and the Tyrells/Lannisters was also a pivotal moment, if only for its aftermath. Within it however the whole scene was about control. Mace Tyrell and his magnificent feathers having no control over his troops. If you watch again, one flick of Olenna Tyrell’s fan showed she controlled her son Mace and was really the one in control. Then the dick measuring contest between Jamie and the High Sparrow, where we learned that the Faith is well and truly hung. Well played, top stuff. I don’t think for a second however anyone believes Margery is being manipulated, it’s only been an episode since we saw her mistrusting and it would make more sense that she is playing the long con.

As we thought Arya didn’t go through within becoming one of the Faceless men, almost somewhat realising what her original purpose was, vengeance. Going back to that anger that brought her to Bravos in the first place. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top between the Waif and Arya. Some have theorised that maybe Arya kills her in the dark from being blind and all. I don’t personally love that idea, although I do think we will see Arya back in Westeros by the end of the season. As Jaqen “Sexy Jesus” H'ghar mentions “one way or another a new face will be added to the Hall”.

Daenaerys reminded us - for maybe the 10th time - that she will conquor the seven kingdoms. It's clear now that all the Direwolves were a blood sacrifice so she could use this seasons CGI budget in 30 seconds.

Just a quick mention this week since I have theorised enough already but book readers hype for Lady Stoneheart will be at an all-time high. We got a reminder of the Red Wedding, Walder Frey of all people mentioned the Brotherhood Without Banners, Catelyn was seen both in the flashback and the preview, and Brienne and Jamie are both in the Riverlands. So much hype this season, although I doubt this will come to fruition as it might just be a bit much for even the show. A man can dream though, a man can dream.

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