Game of Thrones -  Season 6, Episode 8: 'No One.'

Eddie Goldsmith

Episodes without Dorne: 7

This week's episode was nothing if not polarising. At first, I thought this was a good episode, and still do, but after talking to some friends and looking online, it appears this episode wasn't taken as well as I first thought. But you didn't come here to read what they think so fuck them, and here's what I think.

I must admit I was expecting a good episode after seeing the holy trinity of mature age warnings, strong violence, nudity and coarse language. If they aren't the three most likely squares in Game of Thrones bingo, I don't know what is. 

Like this week's episode we will begin with Arya. There were many theories floating around this week about what would be Arya's fate. Whether the girl who was stabbed was actually Jaqen or someone else, they were all just as insane as the last. A more valid complaint is the lack of consistency between the episodes.

Two episodes ago we see Arya going back to her roots and preparing herself for a fight by picking up her sword Needle, to then forgetting about the death cult that is after her and getting stabbed, only to revert back to the character we thought she was by strategically placing bread crumbs of blood - which was excellent - back to her 'turf' where she had a weapon and environmental advantage. It just doesn't make sense in hindsight.

What I haven't seen discussed so far was a much smaller detail in this week’s episode. It appears Arya dreamt the few seconds before Lady Crane's final moments before she died, only to wake up and find out the dream came true. This is often a bi-product of having the ability to Greensee, or what we know as Bran's powers to see into the past, present, and future.

It is insinuated in the books that many, if not all of the Stark children may have this ability with both Jon and Arya having extremely vivid dreams of being Direwolves. It is theorised that these aren't dreams at all, but they are genuinely hunting as their Direwolves just like how bran can warg into Summer or Hodor. What would the implications be if there are more than one Greenseer stark child? If Bran was to die, could one of the other Stark children take his place? Is there a chance people might actually start caring about Rickon? Probably not. But it’s a fantasy worth entertaining, they’d have killed him if he was a redundant character. The hype for Bastardbowl has almost overshadowed the reason Jon is there, one of them being Rickon.

Speaking of hype, Tommen managed to kill all hype for Cleganebowl in about 5 seconds, banning a trial by combat. It helps that it seems zombie Mountain can’t be killed twice anyway through conventional methods (See: Faith axe in chestplate). But fear not, as what is hype my never die. After Tommen's announcement, maester Qyburn tells Cersei that his 'Little Birds' have come back with some extra information.

It is speculated that this information is the Wildfire Caches that are still under the city, courtesy of the Mad King Aerys. It should be noted that what made this scene severely underrated is how it managed to make us feel sympathy for Cersei. The woman who killed her husband, countless dwarves in search for her young brother, and armed the faith. I felt bad for Game of Thrones resident succubus. 

We can remember the link back to Bran's vision in episode 6 of the Wildfire being set off, but more importantly we were witness to what appears to be heavily foreshadowing of Cersei’s highly anticipated downfall. 

Jamie mentions how Cersei would 'Burn cities to the ground' for her children and I suspect that is exactly what she will do, fulfilling the 'Mad Queen' theory floating around. 

I didn't have a problem with the Blackfish dying off screen, or dying in general. I don't think every death needs to have meaning or be theatrical and I think that's a lot of George R. R. Martin's point. People die, both good and bad, often in unfair or bullshit circumstances. George has been outspoken about this, going as far in one interview to say; 

“Once you’ve accepted that you have to include death, then you should be honest … and indicate it can strike down anybody at any time."

There doesn't always need to be a reason for death, most of the time it is to further the plot, but sometimes it reminds us that just like in life no one is safe. Except for fucking Ramsay Bolton. (fingers crossed next episode!)

Aside from all this, Sandor Clegane reminded me why he was my favourite character, since every scene of his was awesome and made me question if I was a bad person for enjoying them so much. We learnt that Varys is on another quest, Tyrion is figuratively alone in Mereen, Lady Stoneheart probably won't be making an appearance, and that there is unfortunately no more CGI budget left for the dragons in Mereen. Seriously all we get is a shadow? Not one burnt slave master?

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