Game of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 10: 'The Winds of Winter'

Game of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 10: 'The Winds of Winter'

Eddie Goldsmith

Seamlessly transitioning from the season climax in Episode 9, this episode managed to double down on last week's efforts. With what seems like 6 seasons and 5 books of build up, all in 69 minutes of sexually gratifying minutes. This week saw the return of director Miguel Sapochnik who directed arguably the series’ best episodes in Season 5’s ‘Hardhomme’ and last week's ‘Battle of the Bastards’. We covered everything you need to know about Episode 9 last week here, so for now, we will move on.

Truly one of the greatest runs in cinematic history ended this week as Game of Thrones went 8 weeks without showing any episodes in Dorne. It took Lady Olenna getting them to shut the fuck up to make it bearable, and it still managed to be the weakest scene in the episode. I’m not going to address Vary’s apparent teleporting abilities since one of the show-runners address that here: 

Hey bebe, want to jump on my jetpack?

Hey bebe, want to jump on my jetpack?

You know what is fucking bullshit though?

The inconsistency in information between scenes.

How did Lady Olenna know about Margery and Mace in King’s Landing while she’s in Dorne before Jamie found out while he was at the Twins?

Why in very same episode would you illustrate how difficult it was for new information to travel and reach the Citadel?

Is this what the new NBN is going to be like? 

I can live with characters not taking episodes to get anywhere because that would be boring, but the inconsistency between which characters know what and how is frustrating and really the only negative I had for this episode.

The score that accompanied the first 20 minutes of the episode was chilling and ominous. It was the type of music that you just knew something monumental and horrifying was about to happen. It was like watching a car crash happen in slow motion where you can’t look away. If that car crash involved egotistical sociopaths, religious zealots, children stabbing people for candy, suicide, genocide and being crushed by a bell, it’s exactly like that.

Really the show has done a fantastic job to really blur the areas of morality for so many characters. This is particularly prevalent in Jamie’s character especially in his conversation with Walder Frey. We are reminded of how people perceive Jamie and everything his family has done so far and held it right next to repugnant nature of Walder Frey. They made it near impossible to like the faith and at the same time allow us to root for Margery who appeared just as manipulative as the rest of them.

I was sad to see Lola Bunny go as her loss seems a bit more tragic and I would have loved to have seen her do some more political manoeuvring. Qyburn using children to kill Grand Maester Pycell and Lancel was an interesting choice. I wasn’t sure if it was trying to suggest that the blood wouldn’t be on his hands, however, it certainly blurred who the real monsters are in the GoT universe. 

Moving on to something equally unsettling, when you think about it for long enough Littlefinger’s lust for Sansa is incredibly strange, particularly when it comes from his lust for her dead mother. We know Littlefinger’s motivation and we are aware what he is capable of which is, unfortunately, the worst part. What we don’t know about Littlefinger, which is a lot, is what makes him dangerous.

Is he willing to throw Sansa and her brother aside in pursuit of his burning desires?

I personally think it will be a tragic end for Littlefinger with hopefully his lust for Cat/Sansa being his undoing, with Sansa being the catalyst to set his end in motion.

Jon’s lineage reveal was handled perfectly. The entire series hinged and is based on this one small scene where Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen. It’s uncertain at this stage whether he is legitimised or still a bastard. However it’s clear that the North is willing to fully support him. There were many parallels between this episode and the end of Season 1, the most obvious being Robb/Jon being claimed King of Da Norf.

Others can be found here, because honestly, I didn’t think of it first. 

The question burning on everyone’s lips will be how does this affect Dany’s claim to the Iron Throne? This reveal makes Dany Jon’s aunt, and uncertain if Jon is a bastard or not it will be interesting to see who’s claim to the throne is more supported. It does however lend more weight to certain prophecies within the Song of Ice & Fire, this one being ‘The Dragon Has Three Heads.’

In short, Dany has a vision of her brother Rhaegar in which he mentions "There must be one more," and "The dragon has three heads." There are many different theories and ideas of what this could mean but most widely accepted is that Azhor Ahai, The Prince That Was Promised and The Last Hero aren’t all actually the same person, but three separate people. The theory goes that there are three dragon riders, each claiming one for their own. One obviously being Dany, the other probably being Jon Snow (Stark? Targaryen? Starkgaryen? Tarstark?) so who’s the third?

Can Bran warg into a Dragon and eventually fly like Bloodraven mentioned?

Can Tyrion become any cooler with a goblet of wine upon a Dragon? 

I'm hoping really that Dany and Jon have to team up to face the real challenge and it's clear Bran will have a large role to play and pretty much everything else in Throne's is meaningless. I'm hoping we don't have a long drawn-out existential crisis from any characters next season. Looking at you Bran.

One of the criticisms of this season has been how now that we are beyond the books, the show is acting as pure fan service. I think this is a little overboard and an example of how this show has broken us as people. As soon as the ‘Good Guys’ win a few it is seen as fan service and unbelievable. I have no doubt that this show or series will continue to cripple me emotionally, tearing any last shred of humanity I might have had, but let me just have this one.

And besides Lola Bunny died this episode so just like… just let me have this…

Finishing off I was happy to see Sam and Gilly again and in case you missed it, the chandelier hanging in the citadel was actually the globes we see at the start of each episode which was a nice touch. Lyanna Mormont flopped her figurative dick out and proved it was longer than the rest of the Northern Lords which was great. Tommen made the first decision by himself which was tragic and jarring and some have said he gives new meaning to the location of King’s Landing

.It looks like Jamie is probably going to spar with Darth Cersei and we are hopefully going to get a full season of Arya going through her list.


It should be noted here that we at least got a nod to the #GNC I’ve been harping on about for weeks, with Arya baking some Frey’s into pies Wyman Manderly style. 

All in all, I think it was a fantastic finale to arguably Game of Throne’s best season yet. With so many reveals and the breakneck speed of the plot comparatively, it’s no surprise we only have one season left. Whether that's broken into two a la Breaking Bad is yet to be seen but it’s safe to say I don’t know what I’ll be doing with myself till next season. Fucking release a new book George. New Rick and Morty is meant to come out this year right?!…. That existential crisis I was talking about earlier, I think it's happening now.

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