Untitled #1

Untitled #1

Torika Taylor

Overcome with sensitive consumption
Red flames of disguise that equip your mind with gentle demise
Protect me from what I want, cower into Southern nonchalance
Sexuality that empowers prisoners with immortality
Justification for splendid devourment 

When yesterday burned in sunrise
We melted into thousands and swam with the mountains
Somehow we breath a crisp mentality
Will there be more of these moments to count plenty?

The ocean she beats and she breaks in her core
Impressive desire that crystallises evermore
Feel me sliding into fluctuation
This is life in its glory
We are broken and we are magnificent
An eternity of broken clarity

Torika Taylor, or Trix to those who know her, dabbles in all forms of mixed media. However, you will find her work predominantly in the 'Film' and 'Artwork' sections. She secretly wishes she were a spy, however, chose to settle for the next best thing, Film studies. Her inspiration comes from Tarantino and her cultural surroundings growing up in Fiji and Melbourne. Don’t ask her what the subliminal messages behind her work are, as she probably knows just as much as you do.