LM vs. Wax'o Paradiso: 'For Now, It's Parties Galore'

LM vs. Wax'o Paradiso: 'For Now, It's Parties Galore'

Alex Capper

Wax'o Paradiso is renowned throughout Melbourne for their other-worldly disco parties. With their colourful ensembles, exotic themes and delicious beats, the trio have separated themselves apart in the crowded Melbourne dance scene.

Consisting of Andy Hart, Simon TK and Edd Fisher, all distinguished record selectors in their own right, the group's incarnation was originally nothing more than a one-time affair. Andy and Simon were asked to curate a record party for Sydney's Cake Wines in Melbourne. They named the event Wax'o Paradiso. The reception was obviously very positive and soon after, Edd joined the fold, and according to them, 'it was love at first sight.' 

The trio first began running parties for around 100-150 people. Quickly, the events grew larger but the trio aimed to maintain a low-key atmosphere, wanting to keep the party 'very much still a family affair.'

'Wax’o Paradiso is first and foremost a party and community in Melbourne,' the trio explained. 

'It’s an honest extension of all of the people involved from family members who bake themed cakes, to friends that sew kimonos, our incredible artists and graphic designers, our regular audience (affectionally called Paradisians), guest DJs and residents. Basically, it’s a family affair, and we’re big, loving and accepting.'

With three minds behind the party, Wax'o have certainly an added component to their sound and parties that few DJ's can replicate. 

'DJ-ing as a trio is amazing, sometimes each of us will have 20 minutes between DJ rotations which gives us time to stand back and watch the floor, keep an ear on the sound system and see what the vibe needs.'

As DJ's, Wax'o's three piece make-up provides a unique and versatile style behind the decks. It's hard to say exactly what type of music Wax'o Paradiso bring to their psychedelic discos. You could probably list 20-plus genres. Their main catalogue falls somewhere between disco, house and soul and the countless sub-genres between. 

Of course, having three varied and distinctive music tastes means that the deeper cuts can go anywhere. 

'We all complement each other and fill gaps in each other’s styles. Edd has an amazing knowledge of various styles of African, Latin and Brazilian music, Andy knows house music canon like the back of his hand, and Simon pours the Campari.'

Even outside their parties, Wax'o Paradiso has become an integral part of the wider Melbourne music community. Edd Fisher is the host of Tomorrow Land, a Friday afternoon show exploring the evolution of groove on community radio station PBS. For Edd, it's a role that he holds dearly. 

'It’s a huge honour and privilege to be a part of the PBS community as an announcer, radio is a powerful platform to deliver a message,' Edd said, 'the tireless work of the staff and volunteers ensure we can have these wonderful institutions free of corporate interests which are essential for unbiased media. There would not be a thriving creative music scene of this scope in Melbourne without community radio, it’s the musical lifeblood of the city.'

With the recent closure of the Mercat however, Melbourne's dance scene has suffered a painful blow. Wax'o reflected on how the beloved club and the wider community of Melbourne's thriving music scene has shaped them.

'We all grew up on C Grade and Animals Dancing. Remembering Danny Wang playing there is conjuring up some pretty spesh memories! Most recently Simon’s alter-ego party ¿Club D’érange? has had to relocate as a result as well. There will never be another Mercat.'

'It truly was a special place, RIP xx.'

While the Mercat has left us, it has opened room for new places and events to fill the void. Such events such as Shady Cottage Festival, which is featuring Wax'o Paradiso alongside Animals Dancing pioneers Otologic and a handful of emerging Melbourne dance artists. 

For the moment, Wax'o Paradiso are focused on keeping the fire burning. 

'We have more pipedreams than you can poke a stick at, and we’ve only just been reunited as Simon has been abroad and Andy lives in Berlin.' 

'So for now, it’s parties galore.'

Time to crack open the Campari. Wax'o Paradiso are coming to a dancefloor near you. 

Photos by Eddie Goldsmith.

Photos by Eddie Goldsmith.

Wax'o Paradiso are playing at Shady Cottage Music & Leisure Festival being held from March 31-April 2

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Also featuring Otologic, Sex on Toast, Jennifer Loveless, MK5, Planè te plus more!






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