Review: Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017

Words: Holly Terry
Photos: Eddie Goldsmith

Presenting an emblematic lineup, Pitch Music and Arts festival saw its first year out to be magnificently pieced together. Of course, with the success Beyond the Valley has experienced in previous years, it was hard to believe that Pitch would seem to stray from such a tradition. 

Striving to take on the Labour day weekend, alongside the established Golden Plains, Pitch embodied a well-rounded crowd, hauling in from opposite ends of the state and beyond. The visuals were imposing and needless to say magical, with a crowd who certainly did not shy away from a dress up, Pitch Music and Arts saw groups dressed in call centre attire to gold lycra body suits, to complete nudity (if that’s how one expresses oneself). 

Night one began with a magical set from András, who, rather than resting on his laurels, fed his fans with his more laid-back textural, experimental work, ‘András House of Dad’- a perfect kickoff to the four magical days ahead. 

Following András, the night took a step into the weird and wonderful world of techno that would be sure to be only heard offshore. Voices From The Lake saw a sizeable congregation of techno-heads, creating an indescribable vibe of pure bliss. The trek was long to the Pitch site just outside of Ararat so day one ended with a keen eye to take full advantage of day two.

Saturday began with tough navigation through an entire field of empty nangs to source out a highly sought after and healing vegan feed, a perfect couple for the natural ecological surrounds which enclosed the space. For the carnivores, though, burger trucks and a community barbeque was sure to produce a perfectly put together egg and bacon roll, posing as a morning saviour for most. 

After a well-deserved meal, shower or what-have-you, the afternoon saw a harmonious delivery from Mike Servito at the smaller, more intimate stage, allowing for a generous boogie and laugh with your new festival friends - a bond that you are certain is unique, at the time.

Fatima Yamaha proved to be another winner, though night two’s final act, most ran the race to experience their blissful, live sounds echoing through an entire nights worth of rainfall, which only seemed to add to the experience. 

However, the jam-packed lineup was somewhat difficult to navigate. Midland going up against live artists such as No Zu and Cyril Hahn ensured that there was certainly decisions to be made, but myself, like many other punters followed the clear majority to Midland, who certainly did not disappoint. Final Credits provided a vibe like no other, creating a beaming crowd, and eccentric dance moves, with faces to match.

The final night saw Berlin based ‘Dixon’ draw in more than a generous crowd, who provided party goers with a unique set that many had been looking forward to all weekend. What was delivered was a three-hour set which was both intimate and compelling, paving the way for an uninterrupted and dedicated boogie. Certainly, Dixon did not fail to strike the perfect balance between entertaining the crowd and staying true to his musical roots. 

As a sure fire backup to Dixon, what other way could you possibly maintain your superseding vibe but to head to the disco roller rink to witness a congregation of drunken disco goers perform an array of gracious(?) moves, immediately following a not so gracious, and epic fall, providing unconcerned heaves of laughter for all. 

Shout out to the ‘Rave Police’, a run down car decked in police sirens lurking around the stages for the duration of the festival, it would be safe to assume, I'm sure, the driver would have been in no conscious state to be patrolling.

With many weary and tired festival goers cutting their losses and heading home to recoup what was left after a sole burning few days, the brave few stayed and were rewarded with a magnificent closing set from the consistently enjoyable, Melbourne’s own CC: Disco. 

What started as a weekend of uncertainty and excitement at Australia’s latest festival, turned out to be an incredible success for both partygoers and, hopefully, Pitch itself. Most certainly looking forward to seeing how they might be able to top what was an impressive debut.

Other notable highlights I’ve been forced to include by my editor who was also there;
Henrick Schwarz, AME, Mind Against & DJ Tennis.

Holly Terry is a young lass from the 'burbs who enjoys painting and eating. You'll find her painting anything with an inch of available space, including her pet dog. When she is not cooped up at her job and favourite hobby, Davey Jones, she spends her days studying International Relations. She hopes to take on the world in future years and rewrite the entire series of Star Wars.